about the blog

Lottie Bio Pic.jpgWelcome to the tummy diaries – a place to share my passion for both eating and cooking, whilst helping others on their journey with having fussy tummy’s! My mission is to help and inspire others with gut disorders, and create awareness of the FODMAP diet, and the positive impact it can have on your tummy.

After suffering with my own tummy issues for nearly four years I’ve learnt that knowledge, balance and pre-planning is absolutely key. Knowing your triggers is the hardest part, but once you get to that point, having an unhappy tummy can be a thing of the past if you do it right.

I’m by no means a trained nutritionist (although I am working on that!), but my passion for food and absolute refusal to give up on being able to enjoy eating I love has meant that I have spent years researching the FODMAP and gluten free diet; learning from my own and others’  challenges, whilst discovering food, fitness and life tips (I think a lot of people assume that these sorts of things just affect you physically, yet often the emotional, mental impact can be even worse!) that can make your life with a fussy tummy a whole lot easier.

Whether you have a hiatus hernia, IBS, Chron’s or any other gut disorder, looking after your digestive health really could be a game changer – and I don’t just want to prove that to other sufferers, but also to the food and catering market. My dream is that one day you can walk into a restaurant and reel off your never-ending list of intolerance’s and not get a shrug or confused look, but instead be presented with understanding and a menu that can be tailored to your exact dietary needs!

Enjoy the blog!

Lottie x