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Aubergine and mozzarella bake

IMG_1546.jpgThis is one of my almost forgotten mid-week favourites! I used to cook it weekly but it somehow made it off of my regular rota. It’s the ideal dish to eat as the star role with salad, or team with meat, fish or potato to bulk it out. It’s a dish that takes you minutes to prepare on a Monday and one that you have enough to add to your meals for days – ideal for a busy life!
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Mind vs tummy

FullSizeRender21Dealing with the physical side effects of having a gut disorder is hard enough, but I personally find that dealing with the mental side can often be just as hard, if not harder.

Searching online, it’s surprising how hard it is to find information and support on this. There’s so many great websites with recipes and advice on what and what not to eat but not actually that much around the stress and anxiety that living with your tummy condition can cause.
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Seafood linguine

17FD3C68-F652-4932-AD4B-F8DC61D9D81ESpaghetti has always been my favourite, ever since I was little! Lucky for me, gluten free spaghetti has got better and better over the years; and teamed with a rich home-made tomatoey sauce along with every type of seafood I can get my hands on, it’s one of my favourite Friday night treats (along with a glass of wine of course)!

Seafood wise, I usually go for a frozen bag of baby scallops along with a selection of mixed seafood such as mussels and prawns. I have also been known to add a salmon fillet on top (as per above) but to be honest, that’s just greed (but also really great)!
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Simple swaps for a happy tummy!

When first reading the endless looking list of high FODMAP foods I was convinced I was going to be living a life of tasteless food forever. Previously throwing in as many cloves of garlic, onions and mushrooms into every dish I cooked, and covering with cheese, my foodie life seemed genuinely over!

However, over the years I’ve learnt that being low in FODMAP doesn’t mean low in taste! As well as all the brilliant gluten free stuff in the supermarkets, I have also found some other really good swaps that will keep your food tasting delicious and your tummy feeling happy!

Here’s a list of my top five favourites (there may be about five sequel posts to this as I could go on…)
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Eating out – how to!?

Makes you happySince I was little I have always loved going out for dinner. Even before I got ill and had to do my research, I have always been obsessed with reading reviews and studying menus; spending days getting excited about my pre-planned choices (sad, I know!!).

However, having a stomach condition can really take the fun out of eating out… How do you explain your needs to the waitress? How do you tell your friends that you can’t eat at their favourite place as there’s nothing safe on the menu? Should you just go with it and deal with the consequences later (no, definitely don’t do that). The thought of it all really can leave you feeling so anxious and upset to the point that you’d rather stay in eating your limp dry salad alone…

But don’t do that either. Over the past three years I’ve managed to get eating out pretty much down to a t, and have come up with a step-by-step guide that may help you too!
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Choosing a FODMAP friendly restaurant

Header Test 4I recently wrote a blog post on how to safely eat out on a low FODMAP diet. The post includes a bit of a step-by-step guide, but I wanted to give you guys a bit more detail on step 1 “do your research”.

Choosing the right place to eat can be quite time consuming, and frustrating. However if you get it right, you can avoid a lot of awkwardness trying to explain yourself when you actually get these, plus the even worse possibility of getting it wrong and suffering with the consequences.

So, I thought it might be helpful to share my “deciding on a restaurant” process…
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Chicken Satay Courgetti


Peanut butter is my absolute downfall (along with chocolate, cheese and pretty much everything else!). I’ve had to ban it from my desk and hide it on the top shelf at home to stop me shovelling it in at any given opportunity. However, I figured it is kinda acceptable if you eat it with your greens rather than by the tablespoon.

Chicken satay has become one of my favourite go-to mid-week recipes, and since discovering the use of almond milk to bulk the sauce out (was previously using half a tub of peanut butter and a monstrous amount of tamari a pop) it’s actually a really healthy one too!
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