My Low FODMAP Fakeaway Chicken Kebabs!

Chicken Kebab

I’m not going to lie, three years ago there wouldn’t have been much I loved more than tucking into a great big chicken kebab and large portion of cheesy chips after a night out. Or the excitement of picking up eight kebabs with extra red cabbage and halloumi; holding the delicious smelling packed up boxes on my lap on the drive back to a friend’s for a girly night in. For me they’re just the perfect nostalgic comfort food and although I’ve never been a massive fan of takeaways as a whole, kebabs really are one of my shameless downfalls.

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Turkish Inspired Feast!

Turkish Table

Turkish food has also been a big love of mine (amongst food in general). When I was younger I was lucky enough that my mum and step-dad would take us to Turkey every year for our family holiday and it would be full of amazing food. We would eat the most delicious traditional turkish food consisting of marinated meats, veggie dishes, yoghurty dips and flatbreads. My obsession grew in my teens as we had a lovely family friend stay with us for a few years, and being Turkish she would often cook up some absolute stunners including one of my favourites – koftes and “special carrot stuff”.

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Paella Party!

Paella 4Paella has always been one of my favourite dishes and I remember as a kid my Dad would make the biggest batch of the stuff in the summer; making it in his giant paella dish in the garden whilst listening to reggae music (I know, not a Spanish tradition but he made it work!). He’d fill it to the brim with seafood, chicken, chorizo, peas and lots of lemon and garlic and I used to get through platefuls!

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My go-to dinner party pulled pork recipe!

Pulled pork 3Pulled pork has always been a bit of an obsession of mine, but since having to follow the low FODMAP diet it makes it almost impossible to eat it when out due to the BBQ sauce they usually serve it with (garlic, onion and gluten packed!). So a year or so a go I decided to create my own tummy friendly version and have never looked back!

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Gluten and lactose free not quite carbonara carbonara

carb 4

So after Nigella’s recent controversial carbonara recipe (apparently it is a seriously big crime to put cream in a carbonara) I’m definitely not claiming that this is an authentic Italian dish in the slightest. However, this is a recipe inspired my my dear old step-dad which was always his signature dish, and it was a perfect carb-heavy pre-half marathon meal!

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Coconutty prawn and veggie masala

Prawn and veggie masalaLast week I had a horrible realisation that I have been cooking the same eight meals over and over for about two months. So at the weekend I dug out all of my recipe books for a bit of inspiration. My all time faves are Joe Wicks’ Lean in 15 range and Clean Eating Alice.

I’m pretty rubbish at following instructions of any kind, especially recipe books as I’m wayyy too impatient, so instead I take some pics of the dishes I like the look of and freestyle the recipe up as I go along. The first one I gave a crack at was a coconutty prawn masala, packed with veggies and some easy-peasy rice. It took about 15-20 mins max all in and was perfect after a horrible training run (4 days until my half marathon, eurgh!).

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Sticky soy salmon and aubergine

FullSizeRender-7Sticky salmon is one of my favourite go-to’s, and after rediscovering my love for aubergine in my cheesy aubergine bake the other week, I stumbled across an amazing recipe by the food medic. I tweaked the recipe to make it FODMAP friendly and added in a couple of extra bits and this is what I came up with… a delicious sweet, sticky soy fish and vegetable dish!
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Overnight oats

oatsGoing to the gym before work means that I eat breakfast at my desk, which limits me a little in terms of choices. I usually go through two-moth cycles of eating a certain breakfast until I get bored of it, but overnight oats is always the one I come back to. They’re super-quick to prep, easy to eat on the go and absolutely delicious!

I also love that you can vary them up using different flavours. I usually keep the base the same, but choose from my list of favourite “flavour bulkers” to thicken them up or just add an extra bit of tasteyness. Choose one or even try mixing a few!
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Aubergine and mozzarella bake

IMG_1546.jpgThis is one of my almost forgotten mid-week favourites! I used to cook it weekly but it somehow made it off of my regular rota. It’s the ideal dish to eat as the star role with salad, or team with meat, fish or potato to bulk it out. It’s a dish that takes you minutes to prepare on a Monday and one that you have enough to add to your meals for days – ideal for a busy life!
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