The Happy Tummy Event

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Thursday 19th July, Powder & Magazine, Upnor Kent


Since starting my blog every day I am growing more and more passionate about using my personal experience and knowledge to try and help others going through similarly difficult times to myself, whether it be physical pain from tummy issue or mental pain, from tummy issue and/or general life!

One of the first blog posts I wrote was Eating out – how to!? – a guide on how to eat out with intolerances. At the time I didn’t realise how many people also found eating out so hard, and had so many messages from people saying things like they hadn’t eaten out in two years since following a restrictive diet as they were so anxious about getting ill! This really struck a chord and made me realise that rather than moaning about it, I could turn the frustration into a positive and try and actually do something about it! It may take a while, but one restaurant at a time I’m determined to raise awareness of the low FODMAP diet, and other food intolerances and help restaurants understand the importance of getting clued up in order to provide intolerance foodies with an anxiety free, delicious meal out!

So to kick it off I’ve teamed up with local Kent restaurant Powder & Magazine for a brand new event; The Happy Tummy Event. We’ll be bringing you an evening of tummy friendly cocktails whilst giving you the opportunity to sample the delicious new dishes as we launch Kent’s first low FODMAP menu, made up from beautiful locally sourced ingredients; all gluten free and dairy free.

Whether you have coeliac disease, IBS, a food allergy or intolerance, or even just health-based preferences, we know that eating out on a restrictive diet isn’t always the most relaxing experience. The Happy Tummy Event is designed to really take the pain out of eating out; and as well as fantastic food, we’ll also be providing a bit of casual learning from experts in the field of gut health; giving you some takeaway tips for a happy tummy and happy mind!

Limited spaces are available and we’d love to keep the event to intolerant foodies or those who find this sort of stuff just as exciting as us so why not come along, grab a cocktail and enjoy the evening, meeting new people with an instant common ground (aka, coming alone is juuust fine, we’ve got ya!).

The full line-up and menu to be announced shortly but tickets are already selling quite fast so I would recommend booking asap! The tickets are £35 and include lots of delish food plus cocktails from local gin and Raw of the Wild Kombucha. We’ll also be donating £5 from each sale to charities Mind and the IBS Network.

So so excited to see you all there and to start leading the way in raising awareness! To book your ticket click here.

Lottie x