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How to keep a thought journal to help with anxiety

Food DiaryIf you suffer from IBS or food intolerances, you’ll probably be pretty familiar with keeping a food diary. Noting down everything you eat and drink each day, and any symptoms along the way. It’s one of the first things that we’re told to do in order to identify our triggers, and often the most effective (in fact, contrary to popular belief it’s the only proven way of identifying intolerances – intolerance tests are not proven to be accurate guys!).

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The FODMAP app you NEED to have!

appWhen I first began the low FODMAP diet three or four years ago, my life revolved around printed tables, shopping list guides and articles on what I could and couldn’t eat. Just “popping into the shop for lunch” would take half the day of standing in the isles trying to Google the ingredients on everything I picked up. With so much (not always trustworthy) content online, and the research on the diet being continuously updated I’d often be caught out, making the wrong choices and ending up spending the rest of the day cramped up with a hot water bottle at best.

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Iberogast Review

iberogast2I first discovered Iberogast when I was on a weekend city break in Barcelona. Although I was very careful eating out, I spent a lot of my time there feeling very sick and fairly bloated. At the time I was taking a prescribed antihistamine; cyclizine hydrochloride to help with the nausea (which did actually work brilliantly) however unfortunately I ran out whilst away.

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Food transparency

menu.jpgRestaurants are definitely getting better and better at marking up menu’s, with it now being pretty much standard to mark up gluten free and vegetarian options (thank god!). However when your food intolerances expand to anything further it can be a lot trickier.

Following a low FODMAP diet and being highly gluten intolerant (I haven’t been tested for coeliac disease as too scared about having to ingest gluten prior to the test!) my main triggers are gluten, garlic, onion and lactose. Helpfully, these are possibly the most common ingredients of pretty much every dish! I have written an eating out guide to help with picking a restaurant/ meal and overall have had a massive success with following this process, however every now and then I still get caught out – especially if I can’t research and pre-select the restaurant.

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Eating out – how to!?

Makes you happySince I was little I have always loved going out for dinner. Even before I got ill and had to do my research, I have always been obsessed with reading reviews and studying menus; spending days getting excited about my pre-planned choices (sad, I know!!).

However, having a stomach condition can really take the fun out of eating out… How do you explain your needs to the waitress? How do you tell your friends that you can’t eat at their favourite place as there’s nothing safe on the menu? Should you just go with it and deal with the consequences later (no, definitely don’t do that). The thought of it all really can leave you feeling so anxious and upset to the point that you’d rather stay in eating your limp dry salad alone…

But don’t do that either. Over the past three years I’ve managed to get eating out pretty much down to a t, and have come up with a step-by-step guide that may help you too!
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Choosing a FODMAP friendly restaurant

Header Test 4I recently wrote a blog post on how to safely eat out on a low FODMAP diet. The post includes a bit of a step-by-step guide, but I wanted to give you guys a bit more detail on step 1 “do your research”.

Choosing the right place to eat can be quite time consuming, and frustrating. However if you get it right, you can avoid a lot of awkwardness trying to explain yourself when you actually get these, plus the even worse possibility of getting it wrong and suffering with the consequences.

So, I thought it might be helpful to share my “deciding on a restaurant” process…
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