My Bloat-friendly Holiday Haul!

DLSB palm dressAs hard as you can try to do the right things  for your gut whilst on holiday; rich food, cocktails and heat are never going to be the perfect combo for a flat tummy so the chances are, if you have a sensitive tummy it might come out to play whilst you’re away.

However, this year I was determined not to let my bloating get in the way of having the most amazing time ever, and rather than risking it putting a dampener on the way I felt (like it did a little last year), this year I came fully prepared, with a suitcase full of bloat-friendly outfits. With the knowledge that it didn’t matter how much my tummy stuck out, my clothes would still fit and be as comfortable as possible made me so so much more relaxed; which in result, helped the bloat in itself!

I’m by no means a fashion blogger, but clothes and a heavy ASOS addiction have always been a big part of my life, and after lots of requests from you lovely lot on Instagram I’ve complied some of my fave holiday outfits below. I do apologise for the poor quality of most of the pics; they were usually taken in the midst of Ross’s hanger after me taking way too long to get ready (plus him being a few mojito’s down.

Also FYI – not all are recent as some outfits I already had, but I’ve linked as many as I could find and hopefully it will give you a bit of inspo as there’s so much gorge summer stuff out there!

Oh, and before I begin, my number one tip is start with the “tightest” outfits, or the one’s you’re worried about being bloated in, as if you’re anything like me you’ll bloat more as you go on so at least you can save that comfy loose stuff for once you have a weeks’ worth of buffet in you!

Airport Outfit
I feel like your “airport outfit” is always one of the hardest outfit decisions. You wan’t to be comfy, but also want to look cute right? We had a nine hour flight but also treated ourselves to the business lounge so had to look half decent (no trackies etc allowed), so I went with a cutesie little grey smock dress, leggings (so I could whip them straight off on the other side) and sandals (which got replaced with thick fluffy socks for the plane).


Bikini’s & Beach Wear
My absolute favourite buys of the holiday goes hands down to the maxi beach skirts. They were the perfect thing to shove on whilst around the pool/ beach and looked so so gorgeous. The cream one is probably one of my favourite item’s of clothing I own and made the most gorgeous “engagement outfit” (yes, in case you didn’t realise WE GOT ENGAGED ON HOLIDAY!!) plus it was only £25 from!

The red skirt was also from PLT but you can buy them pretty much anywhere online, and it went perfectly with my Warehouse stripe bikini from ASOS.

The low-rise bikini’s were perfect for my non-bloated days, but for the puffy days or when I just needed some time to breathe the hell out, high-waisted sets were my absolute saviour



As well as high-waisted bikinis I also packed a few swimsuits, including this bad boy for the fourth of July, which was taken very seriously in Dominican Republic and was one of my favourite days ever!


Evening Outfits
As I said, last year I was just totally unprepared for the holiday bloat and ended up feeling uncomfortable and even often in pain. This year I tried to avoid zips as much as I could (last holiday Ross got a blister from trying so hard to get my zips over the bloat – he called it his “zip finger”) and went for loose, cool outfits with lots of room for a potentially bloated tum!

My maxi dresses were my fave evening attire and this gorgeous one was from PLT. The only problem was that I didn’t actually try it on until the night, and in hindsight I think it was actually a beach dress as the split went up so so high! However I loved it so much I wore it on the night we got engaged, and now I’m home I’ll be sewing up the split so I can wear it again.

(Can’t find online but was recent, however lots of similar items!)



Although dresses are my fave in any situation, nothing beats a pair of cute little shorts teamed with a peplum top; which was a surprisingly bloat friendly combo! I’ve had these shorts since I was about 16 so there’s not much chance of them being in stock, and the top was from River Island last year, but there’s plenty of similar bits available online!


As you can tell I was totally loving the palm vibes this holiday… This was another one of my fave dresses and the wrap detail worked so well to hide a bit of early-holiday bloat. Also, clutch bag = best bloat cover EVER!

Palm print wrap dress


Unfortunately although this is recent I can’t find it on the site, however there’s another similar dress that I LOVE here.

Hopefully that’s given you a bit of outfit inspo and ideas on how you can feel more comfortable even if you’re not feeling your best on holiday. I’ve also filmed a holiday packing guide which includes all my top tips on airport and aeroplane eating, my fave probiotics and de-bloating remedies. I’ll be posting this asap but just a bit busy wedding planning at the mo! (eeeeek!).

If you’d like to see more posts like this as part of #mybloatedwardrobe series please let me know what you think in the comments below as I loved sharing this!

Lottie x


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  1. Kelly says:

    Love this!!! Such good advice, will be investing in high waisted bikini bottoms for my next holiday ?

  2. Kezzabehappy says:

    Obsessed with your blog, your insta and tour YouTube! Xxx

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