My week in food and fitness

Two of my favourite things in life are eating, and working out, so I thought I’d share with you what a typical week looks like for me in terms of food and fitness, including my full meal and exercise planner below…

Following a gluten free and low FODMAP diet makes it pretty difficult to grab stuff on the go, especially when you don’t work in London so Tesco’s or Costa (that or the dodgy sandwich vending machines at work) are pretty much your limit. To make it even harder, I’m also quite into my fitness and healthy eating, so even a gluten free sandwich and bag of crisps don’t do it for me.

Working in marketing, in quite a big office I am also greeted with endless meeting food, which is a whole other nightmare – if I asked the caterers for a gluten, garlic and onion free meeting lunch I think I would genuinely be given a bit of limp iceburg lettuce and a slice of suspicious looking ham.

To make life a bit easier, I get prepared and prep my breakfasts, lunches and snacks for work. I spend about 30mins each Sunday morning planning our meals for the week, which then forms my shopping list for the weekly shop. I then do the majority of my food prep on Saturday afternoon to get it all out the way. I make my breakfasts 1-2 days ahead as they only take 5 mins, but for lunches I don’t like to cook the meat too far ahead (no more than four days) but still manage to be a bit more organised. The base for my lunch most days is salad so I make 5 (well 10 as Ross’s too) tupperware boxes of salad and about 3 days worth of meat, then either make more on Wednesday night or make larger dinners to use leftovers as I go.

I’ve been pretty into fitness for about 5 or 6 years now and although I have the occasional dip of motivation,  in general I’m pretty dedicated. I do want to write a blog post specifically on my fitness journey, as it hasn’t always been the case (trust me, there’s some pretty amusing pre-gym-love pictures!) however, my training effects what I eat each day so I thought it would be worth giving a brief overview here.

My general fitness regime involves going to the gym around 5-6 times a week, with a couple of runs slotted in when I can (I’m definitely a fair weather runner so this is only really the case when the weather is OK). One of my friends who I used to do group PT with recently opened his own gym, SISU fitness centre and attending has become a massive hobby/passion of mine. The gym is a fully kitted out warehouse and takes the form of small group classes made up of SAS (strength and sculpt) and HIFM (high intensity functional movements) classes. The classes have 8-12 people in it which is the perfect size as it’s small enough to get face-time with the coaches to improve your form and push you to your limit, but big enough that you meet great new people and end up working out with your mates, and in my case, mum and boyfriend every morning! And yes, I go in the morning… we go to either the 6am or 6.45am classes, which I know sounds disgusting but by the time it hits 6pm all I want to do is stuff my face and chill in my pjs!

At the moment I also still have a membership at my other gym so use that to top up on some cardio and save on my own hot water if we have time before work 😉

Food & fitness
I’m currently trying to be especially good with my eating as we only have three months until our holiday. I’m not going to go into detail on my macros (maybe in another post if anybody is interested?) but basically I try to stick to lower carbs on no cardio days, plus remain on a calorie deficit in the week and then use up anything extra on weekends. With weekends I usually have what I want, within reason as I train hard so figure I deserve it.

My week
So, this is what a pretty typical week looks like for me (click here or on the image below to open as a larger PDF) …

Food and Exercise diary


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