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I first discovered Iberogast when I was on a weekend city break in Barcelona. Although I was very careful eating out, I spent a lot of my time there feeling very sick and fairly bloated. At the time I was taking a prescribed antihistamine; cyclizine hydrochloride to help with the nausea (which did actually work brilliantly) however unfortunately I ran out whilst away.

I went to the pharmacy to ask if they had anything similar and the chemist was actually quite surprised that I had been given cyclizine hydrochloride and told me that although she has something similar, they are pretty strong drugs with not so nice side effects, so recommended that I try a herbal remedy instead…which is where Iberogast came in.

I’m not a massive fan of tablets and only ever take them if I really have to so a herbal solution was definitely appealing to me. Also the cyclizine did used to make me dizzy sometimes so I was always a little worried when I took themm. I was told to take 20 droplets either in water or placed under my tongue, up to three times a day. I wasn’t really expecting much but willing to try it if it meant no side effects and hopefully a more enjoyable holiday.

What’s in it?

How do you take it?
Iberogast is a browny/orangey liquid in which the label recommends 20 droplets for adults, to be taken up to three times a day. The box suggests putting the droplets into warm water but you can also use cold water or even juice if you prefer the taste. The pharmacist told me I could place the droplets under my tongue if I rather, which is what I tend to do.

Where can you find it?
As mentioned I initially bought this in Barcelona but when I got home I went to Boots to try and get more but apparently it wasn’t sold anywhere! Since then I have bought it online via Amazon and eBay – just please do research on the buyer to make sure it’s genuine, and ensure the safety cap is locked/unopened when you receive it. It’s about £8-10 for a bottle but lasts me a good few months.

First thoughts
It tastes pretty bloody disgusting!! The first time I tried them I added them to half a bottle of water and had to down it so quick to avoid gagging (seemed pretty ironic for an anti-sickness remedy). However, after the initial grossness wore off (washing it down with a gluten free McDonalds definitely helped) I did start to feel a little better. Next time I took it I tried putting it directly under my tongue, and although it still tasted gross I found it got it over and done with quicker. I’m now used to the taste and to be honest, it really isn’t that bad – just not pleasant so I was probably just being dramatic the first time.

I took it two-three times a day for the rest of the holiday and found that my bloating and pain was reduced and I wasn’t sick once! (Compare this to my holiday in Turkey a few month previous when I was sick at least once a day).

Does it work?
I wouldn’t say this is a miracle cure, but for me it definitely helps. I don’t take it every day but try and plan ahead and take on days when I’m eating away from home, but also reactively if my symptoms are bad. I find it helps me quite a lot with abdominal pains and nausea. Not 100% on the bloating as I usually take it alongside Buscopan if I’m bloated, so it’s difficult to tell which has helped, if any.

I would definitely recommend giving it a go! It’s not too pricey, and is all natural ingredients so really you have nothing to lose. Like I said – no miracle cure but it’s good enough that I keep one in my handbag and my desk drawer at all times.

Lottie x


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