New year, slightly more excitable me

New Year

So I started writing this post on 8th January. It’s now 24th so my goals aren’t going quite as well as planned but I’ve finally caught up with work, house jobs and life admin so I’m posting this now anyway despite being late to the party…

Happy New Year! Not to say I couldn’t have sat on the sofa eating cheeseboards (lactose free of course) whilst watching the Game of Thrones for a few weeks longer, but I was actually quite excited to crack on with 2018. The plan was to wake up on 2nd, smash the gym at 6am, have a productive day at work, cook a much-needed healthy dinner and write my first blog post in months…

How much of that did I achieve? None. Instead I spent the first five days in bed feeling sorry for myself with what I’m pretty sure was the Norovirus (that or the plague).

Luckily a lot of plain toast has finally cured it  and I’m focusing on the silver lining that I may have evened myself out of my Christmas-cheese-and-gin weight.

I’m not one for looking back in the past too much but 2017 was probably the hardest (but definitely most exciting) year of my life! Mentally it was super challenging, but I also achieved so much – with the main one being Ross and I buying our first house together. I think moving into a place of our own was definitely the turning point and since then I feel like I’ve really got my shit together and am feeling super positive about life.

I’m a great lover of paper diaries and notebooks, and Christmas would usually be the time I’d fill up all my pretty new stationary with lists, resolutions and goals mapped into time-lines. I’d then spend the next week torturing myself after I demolished the box of chocolates, exceeding my carb macro limit by 500% on my first day and therefore ruining resolution #1. So after a year of pretty mega stress, instead of these high-pressure resolutions, instead I’m focussing on just a couple of realistic “goals” (what’s the difference between goals and resolutions? not sure, but sounds less stressful!).

I know this sounds really cheesy stereotypical but it is something I was a major culprit of not doing last year. I have a serious case of “buzzy brain” and my mind is always onto the next thing rather than focussing on the moment I’m currently in. This can make me super productive at work, but the problem is not being able to switch it off or actually soak in everything that’s going on.. I have got a little better at this over the past few months and genuinely believe it hasn’t just helped my head, but has also massively helped my stomach. Like I wrote in my Mind vs Tummy post I definitely believe they have a big impact on each other, so if I can chill my head I should be able to control my symptoms better!

Last year I attempted yoga to help with this but after spending about £100 on accessories, outfits and apps I went to two classes with a friend and got told off for talking both times so decided it wasn’t for me. I’m considering getting the Mindful app as have heard that’s really good but think a good place to start would be to try and actually chill and learn that doing nothing is sometimes OK rather than give myself a list of things to complete each hour. Ross and I are trying to commit to one night a week where we just have an easy dinner, watch telly and get in bed by 9pm. So far we have managed to do it once and although it took me a little while to chill, once I got into it, it was THE DREAM.

I also think the classic “less time spent on social media” fits into this one. However in order for it not to contradict goal #2 I need to be clear that this is the pointless, aimlessly scrolling through social media. I still want to read other people’s blogs and get inspired for food, exercise and recipe ideas – but continuously refreshing every social app and ending up 30 deep in randomers is not productive – and what’s going on in front of me should be way more interesting


I’m pretty good at this at work, but at home not so much! This flows on from goal #1 as I’m constantly busying myself with things that aren’t necessarily important. This year I really want to focus on doing the things that I love the most and am going to make more time for this blog, fitness spending time with Ross, friends and family and our little nephews.

When I first started this blog I felt so motivated and inspired and had so many ideas. Since moving house in October I had to put it to one side for a bit as was busy painting, decorating and obsessing over every single home-store going. I’m now absolutely crazy busy at work but I’m going to make sure that I dedicate at least one evening a week to it as my head is bursting with ideas! I really want to learn more and share more about the mental side of stomach conditions as this has been a big struggle for me so if I can help others with it that would be my absolute dream!

Lottie on Bed


After struggling through around 3 years of painful symptoms, bloating and constant sickness, I feel like I have finally got to grips with what I can and can’t eat. It’s only been in the last 6 months that I’ve started to be really strict with myself and not just decide to “risk it”.

Now I know what my body needs, tolerates and likes I’m going to ensure I only put the right food in my body.  I’ve stopped constantly over-eating and am also getting back into regular training which majorly helps both the mental and physical side, so I’m determined to keep it up!

As well as these I have loads of other things I want to accomplish this year and lots of mini-goals but most of them fit into the above three! I look forward to learning more and sharing more on here!

Lottie x


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