My top 5 low FODMAP foodie swaps

When first reading the endless  list of high FODMAP foods I was convinced I was going to be living a life of tasteless food forever. Previously throwing in as many cloves of garlic, onions and mushrooms into every dish I cooked I felt very overwhelmed and confused at what I actually could eat

However, over the years I’ve learnt that being low in FODMAP doesn’t mean low in taste and with a few swaps and bit of creativity you can still make delicious. As well as all the brilliant gluten free stuff in the supermarkets, I have also found some other really good swaps that will keep your food tasting delicious and your tummy feeling happy!

Here’s a some of my favourite low FODMAP alternatives that I use pretty much daily…

1. Garlic oil!
Usually garlic is a massive no-no for many on the low FODMAP diet (especially for me – it’s one of my biggest triggers), however there is a get-around; garlic oil! The reason that garlic infused oil is safe as the FODMAPs in garlic (fructans) are water soluble, but as water doesn’t mix with oil it means the frunctans do not mix into the oil, so as long as you go for the ones with no bits you should be fine!

I use the Tesco’s own garlic infused oil and also the Fry Light spray. The Fry Light one hasn’t been officially tested however I’m very sensitive to garlic and am completely fine with it so if you’re out of the elimination phase I would say it’s definitely worth a go!

Spring Onions

2. Spring onion and leeks
Onions were another thing that I found very hard to let go as I was an absolute sucker for a jar of caramelised onions (what I would do for a spoonfull right now!) Luckily – there is an alternative! The darker green tops of spring onion are low in FODMAPs and work brilliantly in salads, salsa, fajita’s and stir fry’s.

The green part of leeks also follow the same rule (in moderate serving sizes) and taste great in tomato sauces, soups etc.

3. Yoghurt (also used as a sauce)
Lactose and dairy free yoghurts are an absolute staple in our house. My favourites are the Koko plain yoghurt and the Tesco’s or Asda’s own lactose free greek yoghurt, Not only do I them it for my overnight oats, I also use it as a healthier alternative to mayo. Although most mayonnaise brands are FODMAP friendly, I am an absolute mayo fiend so cutting it down is definitely a good thing. I usually mix 2 tablespoons of each yoghurt with a tablespoon of lemon juice, a squirt of garlic oil spray and some dried chives.

4. Cheese
Technically, cheddar is part of the many cheeses that are low in FODMAPS within a certain serving size (see full list at Research states that <40g cheddar is safe, however for me, lactose is something I’m a little bit more sensitive too (plus I like more than 40g!) so I usually stick to lactose free.

Arla mature cheddar is the only one I have found that doesn’t taste like rubber – it really is as good as the real thing! I use it when cooking for family and friends and nobody can ever tell the difference so I would highly recommend!

5. Maple syrup
Honey was something I didn’t realise was high FODMAPs for a good year! I don’t think it is a massive trigger for me in small doses, but when I became obsessed with overnight oats for breakfast it started to take its toll. Alongside honey in the naughty corner sits, agave, fruit sugar and a lot of other sugars and sweeteners – however, luckily we still have a fairly decent list, including maple syrup! I use this not only on my oats, pancakes and other sweet treats, but also add it into marinades, glazes and sticky asian sauces!


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